Art Appreciation

Growing up, my grandmother was a huge influence on me. I was one of five grandchildren and the only girl, so of course, that meant that I got to share in all of her pretty girlie things while the boys played in the dirt. Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of playing in the dirt too!

My grandmother was an antiques dealer and always had her eye out for anything sparkly. She would scour garage sales and swap meets for all kinds of interesting goodies. As a little girl, I found myself more interested in her vintage costume jewelry collection. You know, the kind of gaudy swarovski crystal clusters that only women in the 40’s and 50’s could pull off. I would sit cross legged in front of her giant jewelry box and put on every necklace and bangle I could get my hands on.

Not only was she a collector of old jewelry, she also collected art and porcelain figures. Her house was so stately and formal. I just loved looking at all of her trinkets. It was like being in a gallery of things you weren’t supposed to touch.

When my grandmother passed away, the family came together to divide up the things that she had left for us. I was lucky enough to come into some of her vintage art prints that I had come so accustomed to seeing displayed in her house. The artist, Louis Icart, is best known for his nude sketches of women in the 20’s and 30’s. They aren’t vulgar or jarring in any way, they are classy and representative of another time. They are beautiful!

When I came across a client who had a love of old vintage pin-up style, I immediately thought of Louis Icart. I knew I had to put a piece in this design. Every design I do is personal, but this one felt especially so. I couldn’t help but think of her, she would have loved it

Thanks for the great design inspiration, Grandma!


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