Fresh Faced

Have you ever had to dust your master tub? I’m sure many of us can relate to that here in Arizona. Without regular use, those large garden tubs can become little more than an oversized dust pan. More and more of my master bathroom remodels are requesting to remove the tub. And why not? The typical tract home design includes a large garden tub and small shower stall in the master bathroom. It gives you ideas of grandeur, ideas of lighting tons of candles and slinking down into some steamy hot bath. Wait, what? It’s 115 degrees outside, why would I want to take a bath? A cool shower sounds more like it!

All joking aside, by removing an underutilized tub you can gain tons of real estate in your master bathroom and start with a fresh open shell to build your space to suit you more. That is what great design is all about, a beautiful space that functions well.

In this Ocotillo remodel, we removed that dusty old garden tub and moved the shower stall into it’s place. By doing that we were able to split the vanity into two separate “His” and “Hers” vanities, giving each more space for storage and even extra room for a seated make-up area on her side.┬áThe shower is now a large open space with plenty of natural light from the new privacy window. There is tons of extra storage for shampoo bottles and toiletries in the oversized niche and the decorative tile really shines through the custom frameless glass shower door. The bathroom got a whole new color palette and we added lots of texture with the industrial inspired lighting and shelves.

A beautiful end result for this fresh faced beauty!



2 thoughts on “Fresh Faced

  1. I LOVE the “his” and “hers” vanities and glass tiles in the shower, matching with the back splash. Great idea to take out the tub and shower stall for more room. You’re right, who takes baths anymore?

    I have to go dust my tub now …

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